Belice – P67e – 5 Dollars


5 Dollars


            2003-11. Mature facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at right, C. Columbus medallion at left, silver tiger fish below. Back: St. George’s Caye, Columbus’s tomb, outline map and building. Watermark: Carved head of the “sleeping giant”. Printer: TDLR. With additional security features. Size: 140 x 70 mm.

a.-       1.6.2003.

b.-       1.1.2005.

c.-       1.9.2007.

d.-       1.7.2009.

e.-       11.1.2011.

f.-        1.12.2015.

r.-        1.1.2005. Replacement. Serial # prefix: Z.

WPM Modern Issues 25th Edition.

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