Brasil – P231a – 1.000 Cruzeiros



1.000 Cruzeiros



            ND (1990-91). Dark brown, brown, violet and black on multicolor underprint. C. Rondon at right, native hut at center, map of Brazil in background. Back: Two Indian children and local food from Amazonia. Watermark: Liberty head. Printer: CdM-B. UV: Fibers fluoresce blue. Size: 140 x 65 mm.


a.-       Upper signature title: MINISTRO DA ECONOMIA,.. Series #0001-6796 (1990).

b.-       Signature 28. Upper signature title: MINISTRA DA ECONOMIA Series #6797-8453 (1990).

s.-       Specimen. As b. Red overprint: MODELO on both sides. Perforated number.


WPM Modern Issues 25th Edition.

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