Costa Rica – P236d – 5 Colones

 1968-92. Deep green and lilac on multicolor underprint. Rafael Yglesias Castro at left, flowers at right. Series D. Back: Green on multicolor underprint. National Theater scene. Printer: TDLR. UV: fibers fluoresce orange. Size: 155 x 67 mm.

a.-       Date at center. Watermark: BCCR CINCO. Security thread. Error name T. VILLA on back. 20.8.1968; 11.12.1968.

b.-       Date at right center. With watermark and security thread. Error name T. VILLA on back. 1.4.1969; 30.6.1970; 24.5.1971; 8.5.1972.

c.-       Date at right center. Watermark and security thread. Correct name J. VILLA on back. 4.5.1973-4.5.1976.

d.-       Without watermark or security thread. Changed signature titles. 28.6.1977-4.10.1989.

e.-       As d. 24.1.1990-15.1.1992.

s.-       As d. Specimen. Overprint: MUESTRA.

x.-       As d. but error date: 7.4.1933 (instead of 1983).

WPM Modern Issues 25th Edition.

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