Bangladesh – P6Ce – 2 Taka


2 Taka



            ND (1988-). Gray-green on orange and green underprint. Shahid Minar, Martyr’s Monument at right. Back: Dhyal or Magpie-robin at left. Watermark: Tiger head. Size: 100 x 60 mm.


a.-        Solid security thread. 4 Signatures varieties.

b.-       Security thread reads: BANGLADESH BANK in Bengali.

c.-        Security thread reads: GOVERNMENT OF BANGLADESH in Bengali. One signature variety.

d.-       As c. but smaller watermark.

e.-        2002 date on back. Security thread reads: Government of Bangladesh.

f.-         2003 date on back. Signature in brown ink.

g.-        2003.Signature in black ink.

h.-        2004 date on back.

i.-          2006 date on back.

j.-        2007. 3 mm wide segmented security thread.

k.-       2007. Embedded microprinted security thread.

l.-        2008.

m.-      2009.

n.-       2010.

WPM Modern Issues 25th Edition.

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